Slow ethernet connection mac mini

I have verified this effect multiple times now… several times by accident and once to validate the reality.

How to speed up Internet on your Mac

If you open the network preferences you can choose which one is on top, but… it makes no difference. I plug the ethernet cable in… wait till the network preference shows a connection and the ethernet is on top… then I drag and drop a bunch of files of 2 or 3 GB and voila, it is still going through wifi.

If you are wondering perhaps I should give it more time to figure it out. My Mac Mini had its wifi turned on after I used the migration assistant the tool that copies my user data and apps over to my new Mac.

Apple May Have Killed Your Mac's Ethernet, Here's the Fix

This was where I noticed the use of the wifi even though my gigabit ethernet is permanently connected. Priorities shows ethernet over wifi. Not always.

Even seen it happen when there are two Ethernet ports are connected to the same network and on the same subnet. It is SOP to keep the Wi-Fi circuit turned off when using wired connection for all kinds of reasons One or the other but not both. Apple encourages you do just that go wifi AC. Now back to the ethernet cable. They do this with the iPhone where if your wifi is weak it will use your 4G.

I do see a lot of Apple users complaining about their time machine speeds and I suspect that they are backing up their macs via wifi and if they do plug in a cable thinking that it should give them gigabit speeds, they might be surprised like I was that gigabit is not automatic. I have one of the highest speed internet connections, and get up to Mbps on speedtest.

Faster Internet for FREE in 30 seconds - No... Seriously

So, yes, I have gigabit network speed and know it. Which brings me to say: They renumber my lists, so I have to have some text in between lists otherwise it goes from 1 to One thing that may be different with other users is that my Cloud is semi permanently mapped, whether it is on Wifi or Ethernet thus it may have a preference to stay with the last known connection.

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How to fix Ethernet problems after a recent Mac security update

For more information about packet size you can use the ping command from terminal with different packet sizes as described in this article: As Allan pointed out, the switch was the problem. Without the switch the speed is as expected for a gigabit network. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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I reset the router and switch, restarted the iMac and am out of ideas right now. Busty Busty 1 1. It can't possibly be the iMac settings. If it works properly when you remove the switch, the issue is the switch. The one thing I noticed you didn't try was different ports on the switch or resetting the switch to clear it's tables.

That's why I ruled out the switch, but still I resetted it to no avail. So, it works properly when I remove the switch, and it works properly when I change the machine. The MAC media access control table in the switch is probably corrupt. Try another one a cheap one is fine. Hey Allan, that was a good one! My router has four ports, so I just connected all the machines directly to it and voila, speed is good.

So, the switch - or it's table as you point out seems to have been the problem. Thanks very much, you helped me a lot! Dave Uggla Dave Uggla 1 1.