How to install mac os x snow leopard on pc with iboot

Don't panic! This is all part of the process. Just click restart, put iBoot back in the drive, and this time, when your computer restarts, iBoot's Chameleon bootloader will give you the option to boot into your new installation. Select it and hit Enter.

How to Install Mac OS X on a PC

Once that's done, OS X will walk you through the setup wizard, during which you'll enter in your username, location, etc. Just follow along. Once you're finished with the setup, you're finally at your new Hackintosh desktop. Since you probably want to use the most up-to-date release, you'll want to update your Hackintosh before adding the finishing touches. At the time of this writing, When the combo update finishes, you'll be prompted to reboot.

Don't reboot your computer —at least not yet. You've got one thing you need to do first. It's time to use it. Make sure you've plugged your thumb drive into your Hackintosh or just re-download the files if you forgot to save them to a thumb drive and open MultiBeast.

This tool will allow you to boot from your hard drive going forward, so you don't need to use iBoot every time you want to boot up OS X. When the EasyBeast installation completes, eject the iBoot disc and restart your computer. Once you've rebooted, you've got one more step to go. Now it's time to use those other post-installation files you downloaded earlier. Enter your password when prompted, and let Finder replace any files that already exist. Finally, navigate back to the Post Install folder on your thumb drive. Drag and drop VoodooHDA. Basically this installs custom audio and Ethernet extensions to your system so they work as you'd expect.

Now that you've updated and installed a few extensions customized to your hardware, you're ready to restart your computer, boot directly from your hard drive, and enjoy your new Hackintosh.

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I've been using this system for a couple weeks now, and in all my testing, everything's been working like a charm. If you're interested in benchmarking, here's how my build fared on Xbench spoiler: the total score was As I mentioned above, you don't need to buy a pricey SSD a regular hard drive will work fine , but the system with the SSD is fast , especially on startup. Stay turned. Be sure to check this out!

Install Snow Leopard Mac OS X on a PC with iBoot & MultiBeast - Part II

I will convert the Partition Table at a later Date. A few more Tweeks and ….

Hi everyone.. Next of Windows. Please enter your comment! So in the way, iBoot supports in running Recovery mode together with an interactive interface. The Bootloader is also called the Boot manager or Bootstrap loader which is the program that fills and set up the boot time tasks and the functions of an operating system or the complete computer system.


Happy To Help You guyzzzzz !!!!!!!!!: How to install Mac OS X Snow Leopard on a PC

It automatically executes by the processor when the machine turns on. Then, the Bootloader is going to work on loading the operating system for the computer getting into memory. With that, the computer will then start with access, load, and processing the whole operating system. And here iBoot is a second stage Bootloader for Apple devices managing through Recovery mode.

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Please Note: the program iBoot Download may not work out perfectly at your very first attempt. So you need to have proper attention and patience towards the process to reach the highest success. You can follow tonymacx86 Forum to meet more similar users and talk more about the utility.

This is tested on some of the latest Intel-based machines and has gained successful results.