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In the field titled "Command Line Arguments", put in -enabledeveloperconsole. This will allow you to run the game from its normal shortcut, but requires you to edit a game file.

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Note: Since the Origin download of this game does not create the necessary files to edit, this can only be done from retail disc install. For Steam it seems binding the console to Tilde doesn't work for some people. Try binding the console to F6 if all other options failed. Important Note: Every command typed in the console will be invisible , however, you can see if it's active by typing bound keys such as trying to move your character or open your inventory , which would normally not work in console mode.

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The fonts. The debug menu gives only vague descriptions of the adjustments when editing approval, so it can be difficult to tell how much you are adjusting approval ratings. The numerical values for each approval adjustment are as follows:. While using these commands you may have difficulty editing companion approval. The reason as to some of the difficulty behind the editing of these values is because you can only do one command at a time, attempting to do more than one at a time will result in only one companion's approval changing.

Note: When changing romances to fix a bug, I suggest following romance guides because it could cause bugs in the cutscenes. When Merrill is visited at her home, a cutscene immediately takes place. The resolution is below. It is best to complete the quests 'A Talking To' and 'On The Loose' prior to using the console commands to stay with the chronology and avoid immediate termination of those quests. There is a common and frustrating bug where if you loot the letter from the mercenary's body in Fools Rush In , you will be unable to enter the Chantry to confront Hayder.

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It can be fixed in the following manner:. There is a relatively common bug where Isabela's quest cannot be received in Act 3 Hawke Estate.

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  8. To fix this:. Here is the workaround:. The Dragon Age 2 console has no built-in command to add items, but there is a mod that adds one. Game: Dragon Age 2 When logged in , you can choose up to 8 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. Empty favourite. View all images Today's images New images this week Most endorsed trending Most endorsed all time. View all videos Today's videos New videos this week Most endorsed trending Most endorsed all time.

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    Support forum Wiki Help Contact us Report an issue. File information Last updated 17 March PM. Original upload 16 March PM. Uploaded by hayes Virus scan Safe to use. Forum thread. It doesn't recognize you as a human mage [Amell] because it generates you for some reason as a dwarven mage. Can you just edit the avatar type in the gff editor?

    This way we can just edit the generated save to properly pick up on human, because dwarf cancels out anything to do with mage. Alehazar premium 1, posts 38 kudos.


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    Then, find array under it and expand. Expand entry 1 and click on and edit the value to 1 dwarf or 2 elf or 3 human , press save. I can't get GFF editor to open the file. I probably don't know what I'm doing. It says "invalid header". Please help if you ever see this. Are you using the gff4editor The editor.

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    Shatilov supporter 4 posts 0 kudos. This mod is of Legendary Proportions. I bet that the Dragon Age Keep was made taking this mod into consideration. I thank both the creator and uploader of this mod. The sad thing is that dragons keep is a total failure in comparison lmao. They need to just have something like this where you just do it yourself with software. Genobbe member 26 posts 0 kudos. Since nobody ask about it, I will do it myself This program is capable of editing an existent save of DA:O?