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If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. This is a set of color schemes for default macOS Terminal. Since terminal themes are just color schemes, you need to enable color formatting for your shell first - see this comment for more details.

Pimp your terminal with Custom ZSH Themes & Prompts - Command Line Power User (6/11)

It will open a new Terminal window with that color scheme. This repo contains a tool to convert any iTerm 2 color scheme into macOS Terminal scheme. To run just execute script:. If you have an awesome schemes and going to publish them, please generate preview image using the following steps. Skip to content.

Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. Now press the esc key and then type :wq to save the file and exit the editor.

Time to add some colour. My favourite is Rubbyrussell:. Your shell should now have a nice prompt, and colours!

Terminal vs. iTerm

We just need to change the background - that needs to be set in the Terminal app preferences. There is a huge number of great themes to choose from. It makes terminal life so much faster!

Choose your Iterm2 color scheme

To install it, run. Hopefully, you included Z in your plugins. Z is awesome. Z is smart. Typing cd repos from just anywhere will never work. But now you can just type z repos and jump right to it from anywhere! If you use Sublime Text as your primary text editor, you can make your life incredibly simple by setting up a Sublime shortcut.

This way, any time you want to open a file with Sublime or create a new file and open it with Sublime , you can use the command subl. First make sure you have Sublime Text installed and in your applications folder. Then set Sublime as your default editor with this line:.

After you restart your terminal, you can test it with this:.


How to Change Mac OS X Terminal Color?

That should open Sublime right up for you! While there are a ton of themes you can use to modify the appearance of your terminal window, you might want to start simply. You might want to choose a dark theme or make some other simple color choices. You can also import a different theme any time you want. Take a look through this GitHub repository for examples. Just go to this GitHub repo and then hit either of the icons up at the top to download themes.

I went with the zip file. Once you download that file, click it to unzip it. That lets you choose the color scheme you want. It will open up a finder window.

The Process

You can also easily adjust the transparency of your window. It can be pretty helpful! Never forget: your playground, your rules.

Make your space awesome! This just cracks the surface of what you can do.