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Free to Play , Indie , Casual , Rhythm. Early Access , Indie , Casual , Action. Adventure , Indie , Female Protagonist , Atmospheric. Indie , Action , Music , Rhythm. Showing 1 - 15 of 22 results. Browse All Upcoming Releases. Narrow By Tag Indie Music Action Casual Great Soundtrack Singleplayer Difficult VR Arcade Early Access Music-Based Procedural Generation The Drop Chance control will set the chance that repeated step in the arpeggiator is not played.

The Strum Spread control sets the time in milliseconds between played notes in Chord or Quant Only modes.

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These buttons are always available further down the main sidebar on the iPad. They will be described later.

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  5. Releasing the hold button releases any held note. In addition this button can be double-tapped to bring up larger sustain bars at the bottom of the screen. Pressing the Sustain Lock area will allow any currently sustaining notes to stay that way when you release the sustain lock bar. Just press and release the lock area again to release all sustained notes when. You can add further sustained notes by using the Sustain bar. Note that some sounds will not sustain forever because their samples are not looped artificially.

    Double-tap the sustain button in the sidebar to hide the sustain bars again. The settings affect how the instrument responds when dragging a finger around. When the stair-step icon is shown it is in Step mode, which means dragging switches to a new note immediately without any pitch bending or sliding.

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    7. When the step with a slanted line between is shown, it is in Glide mode, which will cause the note to smoothly transition to the next note in pitch. When it is just a slanted line, it is in Continuum mode, which presents a smooth playing area with lines demarcating the currently selected scale notes. These two buttons let you adjust how many octaves are shown on the play area. The two buttons at the bottom of the sidebar control which octave the notes start at. This lets you shift up and down by an octave at a time. This starts or stops a session recording.

      A session record simply records exactly what you are hearing to a stereo audio file until you stop it. If loops are playing, the recording will start and stop on the next bar boundary, which makes it easier to use the recorded session as a loop later, or for convenient export to other applications. This button toggles the playthrough of the mic input to headphones, with reverb processing if enabled.

      This is automatically disabled if the internal speaker is being used to prevent feedback. This toggles the pitch tracking feature that allows you to play the instruments with your voice or any other pitched audio input captured with the microphone. Additional controls are shown to adjust the performance of this feature. Headphones are recommended in this mode, as any sound picked up from speakers nearby or in the device can cause unwanted detection. The second is the chromatic stairstep which snaps the pitch to the nearest chromatic note. This way your low voice can play high notes easily, for example.

      The Thr threshold control sets the minimum input level that will trigger a new note. The Gli glide control sets how long the glide between two notes is if there is no break in input sound; a value of 0 means no glide at all. If the non-snapped mode is selected, it is recommended that glide be turned down to 0, as the natural glide will track the quickest that way. Under the Loop menu upper right corner there are several commands available, some of which are also available on the extended sidebar. Record Loop lets you start to record your own playing on the current instrument.


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      When there are no loops yet created, this puts it into a pending state where it is waiting for you to start recording by touching your first note. Once you do, additional buttons appear to let you either Cancel the recording, Finish it, to Retry cancels and immediately goes back to record , or to Finish Then Record finishes a loop, then immediately goes back to record. When you hit Finish it will immediately start looping, so it is important to hit Finish on your first loop at the right time with the music, unless the Metronome is enabled in which case it will round up to the next bar.

      It automatically determines the tempo based on the length of your loop and an estimated number of bars. You can set the number of beats per bar in the Loop Options page. For additional loops, recording is a little different. The current setting of the Quantize Start option affects how recording begins. The Quantize start control is available from the control panel accessed with the Settings button. With it Off, it will act similarly to how it did initially, waiting until your first touch to begin which could be anytime.

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      In both cases the length of the final loop after you hit Finish will be rounded up to the next bar boundary. In this way the loops will always be in musical sync, always a multiple of the bar length. It will truncate the loop length automatically to where you meant it to be.

      Your additional loops do not need to be the same length as the initial one, they may be longer or shorter, but they will always be multiples of the bar length. For instance, your initial loop could be a short 1 or 2 bar drumloop, but your bass loop could be 8 or 12 bars in length. You can also record a loop using the microphone, either built-in for iPhone or iPad, or newer iPod touches or using the headset mic or external mic accessory all devices. You will see a button in the upper right corner after Record Loop is first chosen from the menu.

      It becomes the Finish Record button once record is started. You can also start a mic record from the extended sidebar. The metronome is handy for keeping you in time with a tempo you select ahead of time.

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      To change the tempo, either press and drag the tempo change button up and down to raise or lower the tempo, or tap it in time with the tempo you desire. You can only set the tempo manually when there are no active loops. The metronome makes an accented sound on the first beat of every bar. The Loop Options button above the metronome controls brings up a panel that lets you configure other useful looping-related options.

      The Quantize Start option was described in the Loop recording section above, it requires loop recording of additional loops to start simultaneously with the initial loop. When the metronome is enabled, having quantize start turned on will then generate a 1 bar count-in when you hit record to make the initial loop. Otherwise it will start when you first touch a note. The Factor of 2 Loop Lengths option forces additional loop lengths to be power of 2 multiples of the initial loop, or power of 2 factors. For instance, if the initial loop is 2 bars, additional loops can be 1 bar, or 4 bars, or 8 bars, or 16 bars.

      The Fixed Loop Length lets you specify ahead of time how long of a loop you want to record in bars.

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      When enabled, once recording is started there is no need to finish the record manually, it will do it for you. You can change the value anytime so the next loop you record can be a different fixed length, if desired. Currently there are three choices for the metronome sound, and a volume control to adjust to your preference.